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Im not a person who subscribes to life coachesI kind of roll my eyes,” says Susan*, a sales manager at a large technology company. “Im very logical, very data-driven. New age stuff doesnt really speak to me.” Yet she was willing to give Designing Your Life a chance when it showed up in workshop form at her employerin part because she was encouraged by the career success that Evans, a cofounder of Electronic Arts, and Bennett had enjoyed. interview skills videos youtube“Theyre very accomplished professionals, their resumes have all the checkmarks,” she says, “but they also excel equally on the other stuff.” “I can take the plunge with a little more confidence when the other areas of my life are balanced out.” Parts of the workshop, like the idea of prototyping, came naturally to Susan. “Doing things quickly and on the cheap is in my genes, that really stuck with me.” But for others, she needed a bit of coaching from Evans, who stays in regular touch with dozens of his students. He encouraged her to pay more attention to her instincts, particularly when feeling stuck or indecisive. “When I have a decision, dont ignore the gut. to those good feelings.” With his prompting, she and her husband are now thinking long-term about finding a way to live in Santa Fe, a town that they both love. What You Choose Makes You Happy At a workshop in New York last month, several dozen mid-career professionals converged on a Friday morning over coffee and donuts for the half-day version of Designing Your Life. Each had completed a deceptively simple two-part assignment: write your life view and your work view.

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