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tips for job interview

(WWLP) Theres a difference between driving in the snow versus other winter weather like freezing rain and sleet. 22Newsis working for you with some driving tips you should consider as winter weather approaches. Winter weather can be difficult to drive in, and it really depends on what kind of winter weather is falling. indexDriving in snow is much different than driving in other winter weather such as freezing rain and sleet.When Driving in snow, you tend to have more control, especially if you have good snow tires. Whereas the problem with freezing rain is that it freezes onto roadways and sidewalks, making it hard for drivers to see exactly where the icy spots are. 22News went to Rucki & Son In Holyoke to get tips on driving in winter weather. But there is no reason to over do it. Duplessis went on to tell 22News, Air pressure is important, its always good to have a little less pressure in the winter time because there is more pliable thus more traction. You dont need to add more air in your tires than what is already required. Always take your time out on the roads, and leave enough space between you and the car in front of you.interview skills sales job

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