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A 33-year-old man was shot and killed in a standoff with law enforcement in Independence County on Sunday morning, authorities said. The victim’s identity was not released as of late Sunday. Events began about 7:25 a.m. Sunday after an Independence County sheriff’s deputy encountered the man near the Desha community along Jamestown Road, according to Arkansas State Police spokesman Bill Sadler. The man told the deputy that he was armed, and he refused to comply with orders given by the deputy, Sadler said. standoff ensued. Law enforcement officers with the Arkansas State Police and the sheriff’s office joined the deputy at the scene, Sadler said. “At 11 a.m., the man fired the gun at officers, who returned fire,” Sadler said, adding that it was unknown who fired the fatal shot. The man was pronounced dead at the scene. His body was sent to the state Crime Laboratory for examination. Special agents with the Arkansas State Police criminal investigation division are leading the investigation into the shooting.

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In a study published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, researchers from German universities and medical schools studied 2,394 adults between the ages of 77 and 101 to learn how vision issues affected their physical and cognitive abilities. Researchers interviewed the participants every 18 months between 2003 and 2012. They asked how often they were physically active and what activities they performed, including cycling, long walks, swimming, gymnastics, garden work, or taking care of people. The researchers also asked how often the participants read, wrote, played music, worked on crossword puzzles, did memory training, played card games, board games, or chess, and how frequently they engaged in social activities. see thisParticipants were asked to rate their visual impairment on a scale that included no impairment, mild impairment, or severe or profound impairment. Researchers also asked whether participants had chronic conditions, such as diabetes or stroke, and how severe the conditions were. During a second group of interviews 36 months after the study began, most of the participants were women whose average age was 82. They were mostly single, widowed, or divorced, and lived alone. Nearly 80 percent of the participants reported having no visual impairment. But visual impairments increased over time, and the frequency of the participants physical and mental activities decreased especially for activities such as cycling, long walks, gymnastics, and gardening. Solving crossword puzzles and reading also decreased as vision problems worsened, the researchers discovered.

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Chorea: The body moving in a rapid, dancelike, jerky manner because of a degenerative nervous disorder. Don’t exert yourself too much. The infection, which usually affects sexually active women, is widely believed to spread through sexual contact. These lines form a pattern of small boxes. Heart-Lung Machine: A machine that maintains the circulation of blood, by diverting it, oxygenating it, and then pumping it back into the body, during surgery of the heart. Note: Consult with your doctor before using any form of medication on your baby. Cancellous Tissue: The spongy tissue within bones. Sub cortical Dementia: When the part of the brain that lies beneath the cerebral cortex is affected, one is diagnosed with sub cortical dementia. Please consult with your medical practitioner for accurate treatment. A machine checks the radioactivity levels in organs, which help in detecting tumours.

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